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Alison*s Marketing Bytes Blog is my journey into the 21st Century

Well, I have finally made it. After a year and 60 issues of Marketing Bytes: Business Issues, The Newsletter, Alison*s Marketing Bytes Blog has been born. While the Marketing Bytes Newsletter focused solely and exclusively to issues related to business, this blog will take the liberty of featuring other issues of interest as well.

There will still be the opportunity to view Business Issues Newsletters through links to the blog; but topics of fun and inspiration for the discerning consumer will also be featured. So join me on a journey into the 21st century with Alison*s Marketing Bytes Blog.



  1. Susan Louis

    Hey Alison,
    Pretty impressive. There are other small companies out there that are doing the same sort of thing with other countries. It is certainly true that this sort of thing helps people not to turn towards terrorism because they are given hope. You might want to read the book “Three Cups of Tea” about Greg Mortenson who has built schools in the most remote parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is a truly remarkable story, very inspiring and another example of a practical solution to people turning to terrorism.

    • Alison

      Hi Susan,
      I think I saw an interview with him on one of the news magazine programs on TV. It was very impressive. Are you familiar with the writings of Anita Roddick. She died a few years ago but built an international mulit-million dollar business from a single shoppe outside of London. Also very impressive stuff. Hope you had a great time in Lancaster and congratulations on your quilt awards!

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