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Reflection on the Holidays’ End

I decided this year that I wanted to experience the essence of the holiday of Passover and holy week which ended with Easter basically coincided this year. That somehow made the whole things especially sacred to me; but I was looking for an answer that did not lie in the religious books of either Judaism or Christianity.

One might say something more along spiritual or even (excuse the phrase) pagan roots. It is no coincidence that Spring came on a few days before both holiday and holy days. What made a lot of sense to me was the representation of a renewal of life, spring cleaning, clearing out the cobwebs.

Although I do not follow the tradition of the house cleaning done before Passover to make sure any remnants of leavened bread, crumbs, etc. remain, I found myself doing a major housecleaning which is not the norm for me.

I even had images of movies I have seen where all the rugs were hung outside and banged with a broom to remove the dust; the same was done with bedding, cushions, anything that could use a good airing out. Indeed this was pre-Febreeze time.

I tried to spent some time in quiet reflection when I was not busy cleaning. But I do have to say, it was not easy to slow down, to leave off the computer, to rest and relax. We are a civilization of do-ers not be-ers.

I admire people who observe a Sabath and retreat from their daily lives. I also admire people who know how to take vacations. I am not successful at either; but I do believe if the earth was made in 6 days and G-d rested on the 7th that I should at least attempt to emulate that in some way. But for a mere mortal it is not nearly so easy . . . to make the earth or rest for an entire day.


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