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How I Spent My Summer Vacation: An Introduction

The last time I had been on an airplane was in 1996. It was not due to a fear of flying or lackluster interest in traveling; in fact it was quite the opposite. But after 9.11 and all the restrictions placed on air travelers, I became very reluctant to fly. In fact, my husband took several trips on his own to El Paso, Ohio and Denver without me because of this.

But as life would have it two opportunities or challenges arose both within the month of June, this year. The first, in the beginning of the month, was a Memorial Service to be held in Santa Barbara for my husband, Phil’s sister and brother in law combined with some family vacation time in San Diego.

The second, held at the end of June in Colorado, was my brother’s (Scott) daughter’s, (Jody) wedding. That occasion allowed for a combined trip to Denver to stay with Phil’s niece and then travel up into the magnificent Colorado mountains near Aspen.

The Frying Pan River

Is this Heaven or the Frying Pan River?

At face value, both of these events afforded irresistible opportunities to travel and take a real vacation, which I rarely do as a 24/7-business owner. In addition, and totally without any previous hint of what was to be, both these trips turned into some of the best times I have experienced in my entire life.

This is not to say that there was not a great deal of emotional turmoil on my part adjusting to bringing all my pills, potions, and personal items within the new aviation guidelines. But alas, I only had to surrender two ice packs and a breakfast drink at the Denver Airport. The icepacks had made it to California and back as well as to Denver from New York.

By our fourth flight in a month, we actually figured out that there is a ‘class’ between ‘Coach’ and ‘First’ called ‘Economy Plus’. As a result, our final flight home did not leave us feeling like sardines or contorted yogis. There were many other lessons and adjustments in traveling as anyone who has flown since 9.11 well knows. But I no longer feel restricted about flying and will not pass up a single future opportunity to experience life and the immeasurable joy I had this past June.

In the coming weeks, you won’t want to miss these blog posts describing the details of how I spent my summer vacation:

Part One: Have You Ever Been Kissed by a Giraffe?

Part Two: Baba Grace White Sheep

Part Three: Have You Ever Kissed a Fish?


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  1. Alison, I loved reading this blog and can see the twinkle in your eye! Looking forward to the next installments 🙂
    I travel frequently and yes, there are many challenges now with all the rules & restrictions.
    Please tell more about the “middle” class flight arrangement; thanks!

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