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MerchantCircle Review

The MarketingBytesMaven aka ‘Maven in the Hat!’  just got
another review on MerchantCircle.

Merchant Ratings

Who Is This Wacky Maven in the Hat?

“Be careful of this woman who parades around as the Maven in the Hat at Marketing Bytes. She’s creative, she’s fun, she’s inventive… but worst of all: she’ll make you THINK!

She comes up with crazy-good ideas to help your business and is always the first to reach out to others when she needs additional expertise to help you. She networks well and has a people waiting in line to join her to make your business stronger.

She’s the real deal… oops, I mean: Beware – she’ll make you think as she makes you more profitable. She doesn’t go for the old-fashioned tried and true (that doesn’t work any more). And I guess you really have to love that!”

Charlie Seymour Jr

Alison Gilbert, Marketing Bytes Maven,
Connecting B2B and B2C locally and globally
Inbound Boomer, Mascot for Marketing Bytes, teaching baby boomers Inbound Marketing


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