Digital Age Journalism & Social Media Anthropology

A Pinterest picture board now generaltes more referral traffic than twitter. A
picture is worth more than 120 – 140 characters!



  1. I heard there are also negatives, like losing the rights to your images. Have you heard this?
    I guess it really comes down to what your business is.

    • Dear Matt,
      I am not sure which blog post your are commenting on about losing the rights to your images. I would like to address your concern. Could you be more specific about what you are referring to. I would be more than happy to discuss this issue with you.
      Alison Gilbert

    • Now I realize what you were discussing. I have stopped worrying about people ‘stealing’ my work. The concept of ‘open source’ and pinning other people’s images is part of the Internet community. BUT permission is best asked first when possible AND credit should always be given where it is due. Also putting something on Pinterest is not reproducing it for sale. That is another issue. If you are concerned, you can always put © the copyright sign and copyscape warnings. But in the long run, what can you do? This is the age we live in. I happen to love it. I know others do not. Does that help answer your question? Feel free to contact me again with your thoughts and/or more questions. Thanks!

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