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The Oilcloth Backpack

Originally posted on MARKETING BYTES BLOG:
On my gifts wish list this past holiday season, I had included an oilcloth backpack. Keep in mind, I had no idea if such a thing existed but I had decided that I wanted one. Since I knew about oilcloth and had other items made from it, I decided…

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We’ve Moved!

For a while, until we can transfer them, these past issues of The Marketing Bytes Blog will continue to be available here. But we have a new blog site that includes posts, scoops and two magazines, one on RebelMouse and one on The main URL for the Marketing Bytes Blog & Website is now www.MarketingBytes.Biz. …

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Originally posted on Digital Brand Marketing Education & Interactives:
PREMISE FOR THIS PRIMER The ‘Page Cover Mastery’ facebook timelines for business page cover © Alison Gilbert I have been conducting an intense and extensive research project on how businesses are solving the facebook timelines for business page cover challenge. At first, I suppose, it was…

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